About SoSheSews

SoSheSews is owned and operated by Brooke Helfen out of Atlanta, GA.  All designs and creations are conceptualized and realized by Brooke from start to finish. 

"I am really interested in re-use, particularly in the garment industry and see it as an opportunity not only to save resources and avoid contributing to inhumane industries, but also to promote one-on-one trade where the buyer deals and interacts directly with the craftsman."

SoSheSews includes an adorable adult clothing line featuring sweet dresses made from vintage and repurposed fabrics, to smaller accessories featuring items made from fused plastic bags.

"Fused Eco Plastic" as Brooke calls it, is a simple method using a very low heat which turns many layers of ordinary plastic bags into a remarkable leather-like material.  What was once a handful of old grocery bags gathering dust underneath a sink becomes a totally useful pouch or wallet.  Several layers of drycleaning bags become a pencil case.   To find out more about this process, or to learn to do it yourself, check out Brooke’s easy Flickr tutorial! >  http://www.flickr.com/photos/soshesews/sets/72157618117519922/

"I can’t help but infuse everything I design with extreme adorableness.  But I’ll never do so while sacrificing any of the important functionality of the item.  Accessories should be durable and able to suit the needs of the buyer and clothing should be made to last and versatile.  The beauty of handmade items is that I can not only tailor my product line to fit my own ideals, but I can offer customizations and interaction on a personal level that are totally unique."

Blue Whale Wristlet

Brooke also teaches sewing and crafting classes at The Beehive in Atlanta.   Please see The Beehive Atlanta website (click here) for details.